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Codeigniter Development Training


Codeigniter is a powerful PHP framework that allows building websites and applications on PHP platform in a much faster and easier way than ever. This is an open source web application development platform on which one can create simple to dynamic websites using its rich set of libraries and tools. The best thing is that PHP development using this framework is much more simplified with lesser coding processes involved. Using CodeIgniter, developer will not require building the project from scratch and hence can save up a lot of time for project development.

Why should you Learn CodeIgniter?

» There is a good demand for individuals having knowledge of PHP with CodeIgniter framework across India and also overseas.

» It is the best way to enhance your job profile both as a fresher as well as an experienced professional applying for a web development job.

» Learning CodeIgniter will brighten up your chances for getting the best PHP web development jobs in the industry.

CodeIgniter Training Overview

Are you willing to learn CodeIgniter to improve your web development skills and also your job profile for PHP developer post, then It World India is the best place for you. At It World India we provide excellent PHP CodeIgniter training course for those looking to possess career as a PHP developer.

In our Codeigniter training program, one will get to learn the latest technologies like MySQL, Ajax, jQuery etc.

The students will get to learn development of fully functional and feature-rich web applications using CodeIgniter framework.

We provide CodeIgniter training under experts who have industry experience and have already worked on several client projects for PHP development using CodeIgniter.

We adopt both theoretical and practical teaching methodologies and hence enable better understanding of the subject to the students.

Study material providing detailed information on each and every concept in this PHP framework technology is offered to the students so that they can refer it at anytime.

Live Project Training in PHP development using CodeIgniter Framework

We provide project training too and allow our students to work on real-time projects based on CodeIgniter. We being an outsourcing company offer PHP web development services to the clients and hence can offer the students real-time project templates to work on. Working under the experienced and highly competent team of PHP developers our students are free to interact with them and hence derive knowledge of easy and efficient development process using this valuable framework. Project trainers are available always for support to the students during the project work and hence will see to it that the students get to learn at best without any hassles at our institute.

Codeigniter Course Content
CodeIgniter Introduction

» Getting Started

» CodeIgniter at a Glance

» CodeIgniter Cheastsheets

» Supported Features

» Application Flow Chart

» Model-View-Comtroller

» Architectural Goals

General Topics

» CodeIgniter URLs

» Controllers

» Resereved Names

» Views

» Models

» Helpers

» Using CodeIgniter Libraries

» Creating Core Classes

» Auto-loading Resources

» Common Functions

» URI Routing

» Error Handling

» Managing Applications

» Alternative PHP Syntax

» Security

» PHP Style Guide

Class Reference

» Calender Class

» Config Class

» Email Class

» File Uploading Class

» Form Validation Class

» Loader Class

» Output Class

» Security Class

» Session Class

» Database Class

Helper Reference

» Form Helper

» URL Helper

» Download Helper

» Email Helper

» Cookie Helper


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