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iPhone Development Training

iPhone Training Ahmedabad Gujarat

Apple i Phones are one of the best available smart phones in the current World market. iPhone apps are witnessing tremendous growth in the recent years. Many iPhone apps are available for download , ready for use and many new ones are emerging. Millions of users are happy and are enjoying using it. IT WORLD INDIA Education is introducing iPhone App. development online training course for all those who are fascinated and are interested in learning iPhone App development. This course is carefully designed for beginners and as well as professionals. This course will offer you, all the essential features of the iPhone App. development, right from the scratch and till its deployment. IT WORLD INDIA Education always believes in the best and delivers the best. With Certified Professionals and talented pool of resources we have carefully designed the course that covers the soul and heart of iPhone app development. This course will be of great interest to Software professionals who develop applications for mobile phones, mainly i Phones. The course is intended for all and to the students in particular, who want to learn iPhone app development and pursue their career in it. Many people make a lot of money from developing high quality apps for the iPhone.





What will you learn?

The course is designed to take existing developers and bring them quickly up to speed with Objective-C and iOS development. You will learn:

» How to build iOS applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

» Everything you need to know about Objective-C to develop iOS apps.

» How to use Xcode, Interface Builder,Instruments and the iOS Simulator.

» Techniques to build scalable apps using MVC (Model, View & Controller) techniques.

» Detailed understanding of how the iOS SDK works, removing the “magic” from iOS development.

» How to deploy your app to a real device and the provisioning process.

» Full details on the submission process and essential tips to get your app into the app store.

iPhone Course Content

» Fundamentals


» Software Engineering

» SQL Queries

Learning the Language (Objective C)

» Data Types

» NSInteger

» NSNumber

» Operators

» Loop

» Intro to .H and .M Files

» Inheritance

» Method Overloading

» Mutable and Immutable Strings

» Mutable and Immutable Arrays

» NSDictionary

» File Management

iPhone OS

» Introduction to Iphone Architecture

» Essential COCOA Touch Classes

» Interface Builder

» Nib File

» COCOA and MVC Framework

Application Development in iPhone part-I

» Action

» Outlet

» App Delegate

» Controls and Gestures

» Controllers and Memory Management

» Using Application Delegate<

» Connecting Outlets

» Managing Application Memory

» Advance Controllers Programming

» Views (Alert View, Table Views, Picker, Date and Time, Image)

» Custom Table View Cell

» Navigation Based Application Development

» Tab Bar and Tool Bar

» Audio and Video


» SqLite

» Creating Outlets and Actions

» Parsing Data with Sqlite

Application Development in Iphone part- II

» Releasing Memory

» Reading PDF File in Iphone Simulator

» Animation and 2-D Graphics

» Message Sending

» Email Sending

» XML Parsing

» JSON Parsing

» Web Services Integration

Applicability to Industrial Projects

» Project Scope

» Database Dictionary

» Flow Chart

» High Level Requirements

» Location Mapping

» Notification

» Deployment

» Integration to Web services

» Application Integration

» Launching other Applications


» Mac OS – X

» XCODE 4.2, sqlite3


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