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Joomla Development Training


Joomla CMS is very well-known as it is powerful, straightforward, scalable, protected and highly customizable. It World India provides Joomla Customization Services to clients for enhancing current website, adding new modules and Plugins into existing website. It World India follows step-by-step approach when providing Joomla Customization Services to get affirmative results and entirely meet client’s unique needs.

We have pool of professional Joomla Developers, who are highly active when it comes to providing Customized Joomla Solutions. Our Custom Joomla Development Services are very helpful to those clients and businesses who cannot find suitable off the shelf application for their business. For these types of organizations, we provide Joomla Customization Service where their business specific and unique needs are covered to deliver tailor made business solutions.

Joomla Course Content
Joomla Introduction

» Joomla 3.4 Installation

» A Tour of Your New Website

» Customizing Joomla!—Language and Templates

» Configuration of Joomla! Administration

» Site Menu

» The Menus Menu

» Content Menu

» Components Menu

» Extensions Menu

» Tools

» More on Extensions

» Writing Your Own Joomla! Templates

» Barrier Freedom and Joomla!

» Your Own Modules and FTP

» Troubleshooting in Joomla

Joomla Module 1

» What is Open Source?

» Examples of Joomla! Sites

» Understanding Content

» Management Systems

» Exploring the Front End

» Exploring the Back End

Joomla Module 2

» Menus

» Newsflash

» Search

» Poll

» Content

» Feed

» Articles

Joomla Module 3

» Website structure

» Section Manager

» Category Manager

» Article Manager

Joomla Module 4

» Administration

» Tool Bar

» Control Panel

» User Manager

» Media Manager


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