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Magento Development Training


Magento is an open source and a powerful eCommerce platform that allows creation of easily manageable online stores. The eCommerce business websites developed on Magento are very flexible and allow easy handling of content, look and functionality to the users.

Magento training is an excellent way to learn developing completely scalable and feature-rich applications for eCommerce needs. At TOPS we provide excellent Magento training to the students and make them learn the development of eCommerce websites/applications based on Magento.

We offer live project training in Magento in which the students are trained on real-time projects for better understanding of the actual development process at the companies. We understand the needs of every learner arriving our institute and hence provide different kinds of magento training including training for freshers as well as training for experienced professionals.

Magento training course at It World India begins with the training in Software Development Life Cycle and explains all the important concepts of the framework for development of eCommerce applications. Today there are several Magento developer job openings in the market. If you also want to grab one, then come join It World India and get the best training to learn Magento development.

For know about Course of Magento Training, please visit our Course Content page.

Magento Course Content
Magento Introduction

» Basic terms related to E-commerce

» Basics of MVC and how it will work in Magento

» Overview for EAV Database used in Magento

» System requirements for Magento

Installation and General Configuration

» System Requirements

» Installing Magento locally

» The Magento Dashboard

» Managing Stores

» General settings

» Setting up taxes

» General taxation settings

» Product Tax Classes

» Customer Tax Classes

» Customer groups

» Managing tax zones and rates

» Managing tax rules

Getting to know Magento Admin

» Magento General configuration for Web , Design ,Currency ,Catalog , Customers , Sales , Services , Advanced etc

Magento different entity management from Admin and it’s purpose :

» Dashboard

» Sales

» Catalog

» Customers

» Promotions

» Newsletter


» Reports

» System

Categories and Attributes

» Category structure

» Catalog defaults

» Catalog settings

» Attribute Sets

» Manage Attributes

Adding a Simple Product

» Step 1 – creating a product and assigning an attribute set

» Step 2 – the General tab

» Step 3 – the Prices tab

» Step 4 – the Meta Information tab

» Step 5 – the Images tab

» Step 6 – the Custom tab

» Step 7 – the Inventory tab

» Step 8 – the Categories tab

» Related products, up-selling, and cross-selling

Beyond Adding Simple Products

» Virtual products and Downloadable products

» Grouped products

» Configurable products

» Simple products don’t already exist

» Simple products already exist

» Bundle products

Customer Relationship

» Setting up guest checkout

» Newsletters

» Configuring contact options

» Configuring customer options

» Customer accounts on the frontend

» Customer accounts in the backend

» Customer groups

Payments and Shipping Accepting Payments

» Common payment methods

» Setting up Magento’s default payment methods

» Setting up PayPal Payments Standard

» Setting up saved credit cards

» Setting up checks / money orders

» Setting up for a bank transfer

» Setting up cash on delivery

» Setting up purchase orders

Configuring Shipping

» Shipping processes and shipping arrangements

» Default shipping methods in Magento

» Configuring free shipping

» Configuring Flat Rate shipping

» Table Rate shipping

Fulfilling Orders

» Sales orders on the frontend

» Managing sales orders on the backend

» Creating sales orders on the backend

» Invoice

» Shipment

» Returns and Credit Memos

Customizing Your Store's Appearance

» Magento themes

» Your home page, CMS pages, and static blocks

» Changing transactional e-mails

» Choosing between a pre-made and a custom-made theme

» Installing a theme

» Making changes to your theme

Maintaining and Administrating Your Store

» Checklist for configuration settings

» General settings

» Web settings

» HTML Head

» Placeholder images

» Contact information and e-mail addresses

» Tax rates

» Payment methods and shipping methods

» Currency

» >Transactional e-mails – password text

» Admin URL

» 404 (page not found)

» Stock

» Google Analytics

» Index Management

» Licenses

» Daily tasks / cron jobs

» Log cleaning

» Database backups

» Product meta information

» Default images in columns

Directory structure for theme integration

» appdesignfrontenddefaultmoder

» Layouts Templates


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