Terms & Condition


Terms & Conditions

Project Terms

» In the event of a training course being cancelled or Non-attendance of a course by any student Projects, will be issued in with no re-refund of all fees paid in respect of that course.

» All the fees amount for project training will be submitted to It World India. After that only company will be able to provide the certification and letter to eligible candidates.

» Project report, documentation and Project development will be student responsibility, It World India will provide the reference document and project.


» Along with our own requirements, we have some great connections with some major IT Companies, Web Design Companies, Web Development Companies, Internal Marketing Companies. These firms have shown their high interest on having professionals for their projects from our institutes.

» Any student getting Job palacement is depend upon his/her interest on focus on teaching subject. After all job are getting depends upon the current market senario. So we will make the student aware of that.

» It World India will provide the job placement assistance according to the register fees critriea. Again getting job is the part of student performance. It World India is not responsible in any case.

» For well equipped career we offer additional training, resume building, cancelling and self grooming which will help our student in order to meet our commitment of 100% job placement.

Work Commitment

» Students are expected to take full advantage of the opportunities for learning and study.

» Training is provided in PHP/MySQL, Joomla, WordPress, .Net, Java and others. It World India developers having experience more than 7 years with quality base live and practical project training. Extensive, hands-on exercises provide to students which gives confidence to apply learning experience in their jobs.

» We have lots of in-house projects, so our students can easily get the chance to work professionally after completion of training.

Course Content

» Students should satisfy themselves from having demo lecture and provided information of particular course during the counseling/Visiting. Students have to decide their requirements before commencing the course.


» Responsibility for fees is incurred at enrolment and the It World India reserves the right to suspend any student who has not paid or arranged, to the satisfaction of the It World India, payment of fees within a reasonable time.

» No person shall be permitted to enroll as a student of the It World India or to receive any qualification conferred by the It World India, unless all, if any, arrears of training fees and any other sums due to the It World India are paid in full or arrangements for the payment of fees have been made to the satisfaction of the It World India.


» Every student of the It World India, whether full–time or not, must enroll for each program and pay the fees appropriate to their course of study at the It World India. No person shall be claimed to be an Enrolled studen Unless.

• We have understood and signed a enrolment form.

• Agreed to meet the liability for the relevant fees, where a Sponsor does not meet the liability on their behalf.

» Any call or Email from the company are just for the purpose of company information.

» If you don’t want any more further company information from the It World India , then fell free to contact our company HR. Will help you to delete your contact detail from the database.